VIVUS' Medical Affairs Department key responsibilities include bridging research, clinical development, scientific publications, health outcomes, biostatistics, medical education and diverse other medical services. Providing health care professionals (HCPs), key opinion leaders (KOLs), regulatory agencies, professional groups, and physicians with medical and scientific information and education, the medical affairs function enhances VIVUS' scientific reputation and complements the work of Research & Development to communicate the risk benefit and proper use of a company's products.

VIVUS' Medical Affairs primary key responsibilities include:

  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program
  • Medical Education (Grants)
  • Medical Information ((medical information and call center)
  • Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs)
  • Adverse Event (AE) Reporting
  • Product Complaint (PC) Reporting
  • Presentations/Publications and Resources

For Adverse Event (AE) or Product Complaint (PC) Reporting, contact VIVUS at:

To request Medical Information, please complete and submit a Medical Request Information Form (MIRF):

Request Medical Information

For all other inquiries, please see the "Contact Us" page for more information or click here to submit a request for information.