Dr. Arthur Frank

Arthur Frank, M.D., has served as the medical director of the George Washington University weight management program since 1991. A specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Frank has concentrated his professional activities on the medical management of adult obesity, the development of related public policy, and the formulation and implementation of a variety of clinical trials studying the problems of weight management and obesity.

Dr. Frank's practice is directed to the issues of human nutrition and the metabolic and psychological factors affecting obesity. He supervises a staff of nutritionists, psychologists, exercise therapists and physicians who work intensively in a multidisciplinary approach to the medical, behavioral and physiologic components of this chronic disease.

Dr. Frank has worked with the Office of Economic Opportunity and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and of the New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Frank completed his residency in internal medicine at the Stanford Medical Center where he was also a research fellow in endocrinology and metabolism. Subsequently, he was a research fellow at the National Heart Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.